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When most dental offices talk about comprehensive dental care, they are referring to a general dentist who performs all or most of the different types of treatment in one location. In essence, it is a “one stop shop” which addresses the majority of dental needs. 

The generalist will restore and replace missing teeth, perform cosmetic work (such as bonding or laminate veneers), treat periodontal disease, extract teeth, perform root canal therapy, offer orthodontics (braces or Invisalign), and maintain patients’ dental health with routine cleanings and examinations. Often an established dentist will have a dental hygienist on staff to perform the cleanings and one or multiple specialists to address more complex issues. This approach, for the most part, works well in offering comprehensive dental care for most patients.

Why Gdental Comprehensive Dental Care Is Different

At Gdental, we believe in specialized comprehensive dental care for patients seeking high-quality individualized treatment and aesthetic results. We provide an organized, coordinated, and comprehensive approach by using specialists for every phase of treatment. Beginning with the initial diagnosis, followed by strict treatment protocols, and continuing with maintenance after therapy, we provide predictable, natural, and long-lasting results.

The three essential components in our specialized approach to comprehensive dentistry are restorative, surgical, and technological. The restorative component consists of the restoration of compromised teeth and the replacement of missing teeth. The surgical component involves the removal of unsalvageable teeth, the preservation (periodontal therapy) and augmentation (grafting) of hard and soft tissues, implant placement, and aesthetic (perio-plastic surgery) procedures. The technological component includes the imaging (CBCT scan, digital radiography, and intraoral scanning), designing (CAD) and surgical planning software, and the prosthesis fabrication (CAM and custom characterization). Communication between the different components is extremely important for the planning, coordination, and execution of treatment in order to achieve optimal and aesthetic results.

At Gdental, these essential components are under the same roof which simplifies communication between treatment providers.. Dr. Graziano Giglio is a board-certified prosthodontist who deals with the restorative and aesthetic aspects of treatment. Dr. Ana Giglio is a board-certified periodontist who performs the surgical procedures, including implants and grafting. By having a full dental laboratory with both digital and analog capabilities, CT cone beam machine, and an intraoral scanner on the premises, we are on the cutting edge of technology. We do not depend on a third party to acquire any of our diagnosis imaging, perform surgical and reconstructive services, or fabricate restorations. We provide a totally self-sufficient operation with minimal external factors or assistance.

Prosthetically-Driven Dental Treatment

Treatment plans are prosthetically driven, which means keeping the end goal in mind from the onset of therapy. 

For example, the size, shape, and position of a permanent restoration is planned prior to placing a dental implant. This ensures a pleasing and functional restoration at the completion of treatment. The patient will wear a provisional restoration fabricated by our onsite laboratory during the course of treatment which acts as a template for the definitive restoration. This provisional restoration can be altered at any time and serves as a trial for the definitive prosthesis. 

Since our laboratory technicians fabricate all restorations in-house, we have complete control of the color and shape of all provisional and permanent restorations. The patient’s opinion is paramount when it comes to any restoration; their comments are encouraged, and each prosthesis is customized for each patient. Our objective is for the patient to be happy with the final result.

Improved Patient Experience

Another advantage of our approach to comprehensive dental care is the coordination of treatment between the different specializations under one roof. For example, a patient never leaves our office for the removal of a tooth and an immediate temporary replacement. A digital intraoral scan of the patient is made pre-surgically and a temporary restoration is fabricated prior to the removal of the tooth. The patient does not need to visit another office or laboratory to complete multiple procedures. All the necessary treatment is accomplished in one office on the same day. 

By coordinating treatment in one office, we are able to expedite treatment, reduce the number of visits, decrease laboratory turnaround time, and most importantly, improve patient care. 

Integrating new developments in digital dentistry into our comprehensive delivery system has allowed us to improve patient care in two areas:

    1. We can better surgically plan our implant placement by merging the patient’s CBCT scan with an intraoral scan to create a virtual patient in a computer.

    2. We can deliver definitive restorations (less than six units) to a patient in a single appointment by acquiring a digital impression of the prepared teeth and using a CAD (Computer Aided Design)/CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) system. We are now able to cement the permanent restoration within hours on the same day. Only one visit is necessary to complete the entire treatment.

Our goal is to provide quality, comprehensive dentistry in a serene environment with an emphasis on patient care, aesthetics, and comfort.

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