Before & After

Before: Old metal ceramic crown

After: New All-ceramic crown

Before: Missing tooth replaced with white implant abutment on a dental implant

After: All-ceramic crown over the implant abutment


After: Gingival recontouring and ten laminate veneers


After: Eight laminate veneers

Two missing teeth replaced with two implant abutments over two dental implants

After: Two individual All-ceramic crowns over the implant abutments

Before: Low frenum attachment

After: Frenectomy procedure performed to eliminate frenum pull

Before: Stained and malaligned teeth

After: Ten laminate veneers

Before: Missing teeth and braces

After: Realigned teeth, gingival recontouring, and eight laminate veneers

Before: Two missing teeth replaced by flipper

After: Missing teeth replaced with implants and remaining teeth restored with laminates

Before: Receded gingiva on one tooth

After: Connective tissue graft in place

Before: Malaligned teeth with periodontal disease

After: Teeth were treated periodontally and crowns were placed on front teeth

Before: Malaligned teeth on lower jaw

After: Six laminate veneers

Before: Chipped and broken tooth on upper left

After: One laminate veneer and one implant with a crown